History of Emerald Book Club

Join us as we take a look back into the histroical timeline of Emerald Book Club. The Good and  the Bad, The ups and downs, The challenges and Obstacles, The wins and Rewards. 

What a priviledge and honour it is to be, feel and experience such intense and euphoric experiences. We are who we are today because of the Great Life Force, Our supportive members, Private and Public Organisations.

We are happy and proud to say that we have made it this far, yes we have. It has been a great journey and the future is bright and positive.

Our Story

How We Got Started

The Club was founded in September 2018 as a meeting point for those who needed help with basic reading and writing skills. We reached out in the community to help those who were homeless, rough sleepers, refugees, asylum seekers and those with Visa issues in Coventry and the surrounding Cities and Towns of the West midlands County.

Funding and Projects

As we expanded we reached out to other organisations to partner and develop our projects. As a result of that campaign our Club was awarded funding in March 2019 by Mifriendly Cities.

Thanks to the funding,  we were able to Develop and Expand our activities to reach out to the community in Coventry and beyond. Some of the projects are mentioned below

    • Develop our Radio Station
    • Provide online sessions for fitness during lockdown
    • Buy necessary equipment
    • Provide refreshment and transport for volunteers, members and guests

Events and Workshops

We held and sponsored a number of workshops in Coventry to engage and network within the community. The workshops were well attended, including representatives from different organisations such as AGE UK, Punjabi Writers Association, Positive Youth Foundation, Positive Images Festival, Earth Centre, Lions Club and more

International Authors

Thanks to our Video Book reviews, a number of authors contacted us and requested a session to present their books to the Book Club. One particualr Author was so pleased with our Review of his book that he sent us a number of copies from America 

Book Donations

Once again thanks to our campaign of reaching out within the community we have been apporached a by a number of individuals, libraries, authors and organisations who have donated a large amount of books in support of our campaigns and ongoing projects.

Our Mission is to Inspire and Develop Readers, Writers and Authors in society and Worldwide.

Helping to improve basic reading, writing and listening skills one soul at a time

Table Tennis

Thanks to our community outreach and promoting exercise and fitness, in 2020 we were awarded” table tennis” tables by Ping Pong parlour of Table Tennis England.  We now have regular sessions, a league and have attracted a diverse number of over 500 people to play, get fit and socialise

The Regent Centre

As of November 2020 to date we are at The Regent Centre for events, meetings and table tennis. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Inspire and Develop Readers, Writers and Authors in society and worldwide

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve literacy rates around the world by creating awarnesss of books and literature

Become a Volunteer Today

If you are one with our mission and vision and would love to put your skills to use, help others imporve thier lives, make the world a better place…you are in the right place.


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We’ve helped over 500+ individuals to Improve their Well-being

Through our campaigns, meetings, table tennis and connections we have helped over 500 individuals to improve their confidence, get fit, socialise, believe in themselves and engage with the community

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