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Welcome to Emerald Book Club, a thriving community of enthusiatic individuals who come together to create a positive change in our community

This is the Hotspot where we dive into the world of books and literature, where we discuss and debate language and vocabulary

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Join us at the Book Club as we partake in different activities that nourish the mind, body and soul


Join us as we read to expand our general knowledge, exercise our brains and improve our focus


Join us in one of our sessions when we meet to read books, network and socialise through games

Welcome To Emerald Book Club

Welcome To Emerald Book Club where we Inspire and Develop Readers, Writers and Authors in Society. It is our pleasure to have you here on our platform where we engage and network with diverse individals, organisations and companies around the world. The Beauty and...

Little Bird of Auschwitz Book Review

Little Bird of Auschwitz: How My Mother Escaped Death and Found Our Family By Jacques Peretti · 2022

International Children’s Games Coventry 2022

The International Children’s Games (ICG) is an International Olympic Committee-sanctioned event held every year where children from cities around the world and between the ages of 12 and 15 participate in a variety of sports and cultural activities.

Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 Location:Birmingham UK Date:July 28 - Aug 9, 2022 Visit Official Website What are the Commonwealth Games? The Commonwealth Games, often referred to as the Friendly Games, is an international multi-sport event involving athletes from...

Table Tennis League

Table Tennis League July 13th - August 10th Our Table Tennis League is up and running for the summer. This event is bringing diverse skills and talents within the community to take part, volunteer, learn and socialise. Table Tennis League We are back again with our...
Emerald Book Club
Emerald Book Club
Emerald Book Club

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Reading is Key

  • Reading exercises the brain
  • Improves your focus 
  • Expands your knowledge

Currently Reading

Little Bird of Auschwitz

By Jacques Peretti

Little Bird of Auschwitz is a book about a true story of Alina written by her son Jacques.

Little Bird of Auchwitz

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