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World Book Day 2023

Table Tennis Tournament

Sun, April 22nd 1pm-4pm

Join us on World Table Tennis day as we celebrate with single tournaments, doubles and much more



Coronation Big Lunch

Sunday, May78th @ 12pm – 6pm

We’re hosting an Eden Project Communities’ Big Lunch so come party with us, get to know some new people, and celebrate the Coronation. We’re hoping to get as many local people involved as possible. If you would like to help out in any way please let me know, all contributions are valuable.



End of Month Book Club Meeting

Wednesday, April 26th | 8pm – 9pm

Join us as we review ” Little Bird of Auschwitz: How My Mother Escaped Death and Found Our Family by Jacquess Peretti” true, inspiring, heartbreaking, motivating, courageous, and loving story of a woman growing up in war-torn Poland, recounted to and told by her son Jacques.


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