Never Wish Them Pain – A story about Elara

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a kind-hearted woman named Elara. She was known for her gentle spirit and unwavering compassion. One day, Elara experienced a great betrayal by someone she considered a dear friend. The pain she felt was deep, but her heart remained tender.

As she sat by the village fountain, reflecting on the hurt, an elderly woman named Maren approached her. Sensing Elara’s distress, Maren asked, “What troubles you, my dear?”

Elara shared her story, and Maren listened intently. When she finished, Maren smiled softly and said, “Elara, never wish them pain. That’s not who you are. Remember, if they caused you pain, they must have pain inside. Wish them healing, for that is what they truly need.”

Elara pondered Maren’s words and decided to follow her advice. She sent thoughts of healing and kindness to her friend, hoping they would find the peace they lacked.

In time, Elara’s heart began to heal, and she noticed a change in her friend as well. They eventually reconciled, and their bond grew even stronger, built on understanding and compassion.

Elara realized that by choosing to wish healing instead of pain, she had not only mended her own heart but had also planted the seeds of kindness that blossomed in the lives of those around her. And so, her village became a place where forgiveness and empathy flourished, all because of one woman’s decision to choose healing over hurt.


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