Little Bird of Auschwitz: How My Mother Escaped Death and Found Our Family By Jacques Peretti · 2022

At the heart of this story is a family who were strangers to one another.

Little Bird of Auschwitz Book Review

‘That nickname . . .’
“Little bird.” It wasn’t mine. I found out later he gave it to every little girl that came in to be injected.
“Little Bird” didn’t mean anything. It was a trick. There were thousands of “little birds”, just like me, all thinking they were the only one.’

Now ninety, Alina has been diagnosed with dementia. Together, mother and son begin a race against time to record her memories and preserve her family’s story. Along the way, Jacques learns long-hidden secrets about his mother’s family. He gains an understanding of his mother through retracing her past, learning more about the woman who would never let him call her ‘Mum’.

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About the Author of Little Bird of Auschwitz

Alina Peretti graduated from Wroclaw University in Poland and trained as an architect, working in Senegal, England, France and Switzerland. She later became a tour guide, taking visitors all over the world, including to Auschwitz, but never went through the gates herself. She now lives in London with her husband Peter.

After graduating from The London School of Economics, Jacques Peretti became an investigative journalist. His award winning television series include The Men Who Made Us FatThe Super Rich and Us, and Trillion Pound Island. His first book The Deals That Made The World is now a paperback, and his podcast series Edge of Reality available as an audible original.

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