Welcome To Emerald Book Club where we Inspire and Develop Readers, Writers and Authors in Society. It is our pleasure to have you here on our platform where we engage and network with diverse individals, organisations and companies around the world.

The Beauty and essence of literature can be grasped, expanded and preserved in books. Books provide knowledge from the past, present and future. They open up the universe and present life in its humblest form to the reader who is Seeking for understanding and knowing

Our Work and Activities

  • Publishing books, ebooks and magazines.
  • We create stationery books and materials
  • We study and review books from different genres, writers and diverse authors.
  • Social Games
  • Podcasting sessions
  • Radio show

Benefits of Books

    • Books store knowledge

    • Books teach you life lessons

    • Books improve you communication

    • Books develop your vocabulary

    • Books improve your memory

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